Greene Smith and the WildLife

Greene Smith and the WildLife
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The all-too-brief life of Greene Smith is a story of trials and triumphs. From his
lifelong struggle to please a strict father, to his brush with death in the brutal Battle
of the Crater during the Civil War, to his pioneering work in the preservation of
hundreds of birds, Greene Smith walked a path few others could claim as a
naturalist, an ornithologist, and an outdoorsman of the first order.

The extraordinary ‘Bird House’ he constructed on the grounds of the Smith
Estate in Peterboro, NY was an innovative structure for its time, and it was there
that he created thousands of examples of expert taxidermy that were eventually
donated to the natural collections at Cornell University, Harvard University
and Colgate University. With this book, the fascinating story of his life is told
for the first time.