Ballots, Bloomers & Marmalade: Elizabeth Smith Miller

Ballots, Bloomers & Marmalade: Elizabeth Smith Miller
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Elizabeth Smith Miller was a modern woman in an era when being either modern or feminine was cause for criticism. She concerned herself with the traditional elements of 19th-century American life: her book, In The Kitchen, became a staple in many households. Her work on dress reform for women resulted in bloomers, the scandalous style that became a signature look for women’s rights advocates. Her work on woman suffrage in support of with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton gave her national prominence.

Born into a family whose causes always sought to increase the public good, she learned compassion and empathy at the feet of her father, abolitionist Gerrit Smith and his wife, Ann Fitzhugh Smith. She was exposed at a very early age to prominent visitors such as Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Mathilda Joslyn Gage, Sojourner Truth, John Brown, and many others who traveled to Peterboro, NY to speak with her father.

She became known for her grace, her aesthetic and practical ethos, and her love of order and fairness.

She spent most of her long life in Peterboro, NY and Geneva, NY. This is her story.