Get It Together: The real-world guide to cash & credit

Get It Together: The real-world guide to cash & credit
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Increase your cash and improve your credit.

“A must-read for anyone who has ever saved, borrowed, or invested.
There are concepts and ideas about credit everyone needs to
understand, and this book explains them all. What makes it unique is
that its authors offer financial education, not financial products for sale.
They tell you what you need to know—not what you need to buy.”

— Audrey Hood
Executive Director, Lending Tree Foundation
“Now I know how to improve my credit score. I focused on it for a
few months, and my score improved by a little over 100 points in less than
a year! We were able to qualify for a home and got an interest rate that
was very competitive. It felt good to clean up my credit, and it really was
nothing short of a miracle how easy it was.”
—Megan B.
Real Estate Agent & GIT Client