Goin' Up The Country

Goin' Up The Country
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Most people from "away" know the Land of Vacations for its scenic coastline, and they forget about that big, empty-looking area sitting at the top of the map of Maine--if they ever noticed it at all...."

"Up until that point, everything had always been mapped out for me ahead of time; always there had been clear expectations: parents, school. I couldn't wait to graduate from college and live what I was sure would be a life of freedom and wild abandon...."

"Want to know what it was like to go back-to-the-land as naive, inexperienced, idealistic romantics in the '70s? This book has the inside scoop--and then some."
-Sanford Phippen
Author of Kitchen Boy and The Police Know Everything
Editor of The Best Maine Stories
Host of MAINE PBS' A Good Read

"A realistic, unflinching, but ultimately good-hearted portrayal of a forgotten land and its people, and the ones who journey there in search of a simpler way of life. A charming, poignant, heartfelt read."
- Jaimee Wriston Colbert
Author of Climbing the God Tree
Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Binghamton University